A Pair of Sorting modules.
    FPGA proven NO
    ASIC proven NO


Sorting is a recurring requirement in many algorithms. Writing code for sorting two or four numbers is not that difficult, but efficient sorting for larger numbers gets complicated. The code here uses the odd-even sort method. Both modules are purely combinatorial thus the sorting takes place in absence of a clock or reset. For both the data width and the number of input ports can be set using parameters. For these modules the number of input ports must be a power of two.
Both modules have been tested and can be synthesized. As usual they are provided with their test benches. In this case verification was done visual checking the waveforms. This is the RTL schematic as provided by the Xilinx Vivado tool for N=16:

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In the archive you find the following modules:

A trial synthesis for a Xilinx Zynq FPGA was performed. With the data width (W) set to 8 and the number of ports (P) also set to 8 this produced the following results:
      sort_N.v         Uses 455 LUTS.
      maxmin_N.v   Uses 328 LUTS.

The code can be found here As usual the code comes with test benches, although in this case they where rather simple as they are not self-checking